Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I was never into this holiday much growing up but then I became an elementary school teacher. The kids are obsessed with St. Patrick’s Day, I’m not sure if it’s the creepy leprechauns, shamrocks, or the fact that they all get to wear green but my students love it. So today I decked myself out in a lime green shirt, green bead necklaces, and cute leprechaun sticker. I made my students shamrock cookies and during recess they went on a clover hunt and found five!

A useless but interesting fact that I’ve learned being a teacher is that corned beef and cabbage is not actually a traditional Irish meal…cabbage yes but no on the corned beef. Kind of weird because when I walked into the grocery store directly in front of me is the sign saying some to the effect of “Make an Irish Meal this St. Patty’s Day.” The marketing at Wegman’s worked and I bought corned beef and pre cut and washed cabbage and veggies. I put them in the crock pot last night, had my super stud hubs turn the dial on low, and when I walked in from work it smelled and tasted amazing however Trev and I could not get over the texture of the cabbage it was strange:).

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spa Day for My Dog and Me!

My mother and father in law came to visit this weekend and we had a blast. While my mother in law and I went to the spa and got massages my super stud husband took his father for a mountain bike ride. My poor father in law fell and broke four ribs. Trev feels terrible and so do I! However it was great to see them.

On another note, on Sunday I got an email from my mother with the title "Ruger's Spa Bath." For those of you that don't know, my parents are watching our girls until May 29th. Anyway the pictures show Ru in a bathtub with tomato juice...yes that's right Ruger Darling got sprayed by a skunk while on her morning walk with Daddy. Mom and Dad I am forever grateful for you watching our dogs for 6 months! Here is a pic of Ruger's day at the spa. Mom said she loved the tomato bath she thought it was delicious!

She's just so pretty...right?! :)