Friday, September 23, 2011

Bad Blogger!!

I know, I know I've been a very bad blogger, but I have an excuse..,I got an ipad2 (well my new job gave me one). I love my ipad, its slim, fits in my purse, and it's honestly curved my impatience for the iphone5 (in which I've been waiting for and that I will be getting on October 5th!!) However blogging on the ipad is horrific. I haven't figured it out, I even have a blue-tooth keyboard but it still wont let me type in my blog post. I've taken tons of pictures with the intent on blogging however when I go to blog it doesn't work so I give up. So these are the last "monthish" blog posts put into one lovely post! Sorry for some of the fuzzy pictures, I'm not totally impressed with the ipad's picture taking ability.

1. I added a new feature to my blog. If you look on the right of my homepage it says "Behind My Blog." It's all the emails that Trev and I...well Trev wrote during that last year and half. By the way I'm still fever free....Praise Jesus, I am healed.

2. I was walking in the garage and I noticed our shoes and thought about how cute we are so I took a picture of them:) By the way barefoot running is amazing, it works muscles I did not know existed.

3. I am the best teacher in the world for rocking out "Wacky Day!"

4. We are still loving K-Ville. Trev has especially adapted to suburban life. If he's not in his office he's outside in our yard. He spent probability 14 hours outside with a screwdriver "unrooting" every bit of crabgrass. He rented an "aerator" last week and spent all of Saturday making our yard look like it has tons of dog poop everywhere, he told me I would thank him in the spring. The previous owners had a fabulous yard so we have a lot to live up to, and I would have to say Trev is doing a great job! Ruger and Remi love watching him do yard work.

5. I love fall!

6. I got a hummingbird feeder for my birthday from my sister. I love it and so do the hummingbirds. However they fight each other all the time, I don't understand there are four drinking holes and two them, just as I would tell my students "That's not very nice:(!"

4th Grade Girl: Mrs. Christie did you get your hair cut?
Me: Yes, I sure did.
4th Grade Girl: It looks like Willy Wonka. (in all sincerity)
Me: Did you really just say that? Finish your math!
I wore purple the next day in honor of Willy.