Sunday, September 23, 2012

KY Shower!

A couple weekends ago Trev and I went up to Kentucky where my sweet sister and parents threw us a shower. The shower was absolutely beautiful and the food was delicious. The theme was honoring our new "little gentleman." There were adorable bow ties everywhere. Mom and Elle thought about every detail. They made my favorite cookies into bow ties with my favorite frosting, along with cupcakes with my favorite frosting. The invitations were sent out with bike stamps in honor of Trev. It was so sweet and I have loads of pictures so basically I feel like this post is a big photo dump! ENJOY:)


My two beautiful grandmothers.

Elle, Mana, Bapa, and Me
Elle, Grandpa, Grandma, Me, and Trev
I feel so bad that this is one of two pictures I got of my Daddy:(

Three generations....soon to be four!

Trev showing off his new toy...this had nothing to do with the shower and happened before guests arrived.

Instead of cards everyone gave us a book. Also between each present we opened we had to draw a question out of a bowl and answer it, it was fun to hear Trev answer questions about pregnancy/baby and visa versa.  
Mom and Dad got Trev this amazing Kelty backpack hiking carrier for the shower. He was SO excited. Tonight he was even talking about how he can't wait to take our little man on hikes this spring. :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Birthday and a Bumpdate!

This weekend was my 27th birthday. Trev and my parents did a super job making my day special. I came down in the morning to streamers and a Happy Birthday sign and my parents came in Friday evening with a fresh German Chocolate cake (organic of course) and presents.

We had a tremendous weekend celebrating and getting things ready for our little guy. Whenever mom and dad come to visit we put them to work:) Mom helped wash all of his clothes and diapers and Dad did some touch up painting. They are always a huge help!


Dad kayaks while Trev swims in front of him to train for his tri at the end of the month. That is not our yard our neighbor decided he wanted to kill his grass and start "fresh."


Both of these pictures were taken at 29.5 weeks!

Our little guy at 28 weeks he's currently in the 67th percentile.

Sneak peak of the nursery...not the green paint just the oars!:)