Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Four Year Anniversary to Us!!

Happy Four Year Anniversary Love! Okay, that’s about as mushy as I will get. I am not very romantic but I so do appreciate my amazing husband. He is such an amazing godly leader of our family and I love him so much. Marriage is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done but again it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done also.

Usually we just go out for dinner for our anniversary but this year he totally surprised me and took me horseback riding. I LOVE riding horses, as a child I rode all of the time. I mean come on I grew up in the horse capital of the world. I’m pretty sure I started riding by myself around the age of three and I stopped in middle school. However, Trev had never ridden a horse by himself (only a pony at the fair that went in a circle on a chain.) He did a great job though!

He scheduled a private ride, we were able to gallop and canter….ahh it was heaven. I love the way horses smell, I know call me crazy. I remember telling my mother as a child that I wished my room smelled like a horse barn, I know strange, now I prefer a yankee candle.

Enjoy the pictures.

Blizzard and Trev

Snowball and Me!

The horses names reminded me that I needed a Sonic treat so we stopped on the way home....I love sonic, just another reason I love living in the south:)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Perfect Pop of Pink!

I finally found bedding for my room and it's perfect. It's definitely an off white and it matches the furniture beautifully the only bad this is that it was WAY out of budget and I needed the queen size. So with a sigh I returned it to...Belk. Let me just get off on a little tangent about Belk, if you know me at all you will know that I am obsessed with Macy's. I blame it on my wedding registry. I got a Macy's card and within one month I was quickly promoted to the Platinum level, then I got married and I got demoted to the red card and Trev begged me to get rid of the card. I fought him tooth and nail (nicely of course) and I won and I got to keep the card. However now I have found Belk, their moto is Shop Modern Southern Style and they have me hooked. Okay back to my story I went to Belk to return my wonderful bedding and I found the whole set I had just purchased on sale. I made the return and repurchased exactly what I had previously purchased but in a queen. My receipt said "you saved:" $210.02!!! So now I think I can shred my Macy's card....Trev did win after all and got a Belk card:)

I've chosen to accent my room with pink one of my favorite colors. The pink palm tree picture is a signed and numbered print I got in college at an art gallery. The pink hydrangea (is a lot pinker in real life) I picked up at an Antique Mall. Then the coolest part is the sand-dollar quilt square. I got it as a Christmas present a couple years ago and let me read to you what's printed on the back:

This quilt block is from a whole quilt that "my grandmothers name" maternal grandmother made sometime in the late 1800's Her name was Harriett ________ ________ (Mrs. John ________) from ____________, ___________. Preserve the memory as well as the framed piece of quilt.

I think it's pretty stinkin' cute. Okay guests I'm ready for you! We are a perfect half way point between MI and FL!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Small Town 4th

Happy 4th of day late! Trev and I have been at my parents small town for about two weeks. Being here has just reassured us why we left the city...we are small town people! I forgot what I was missing living in NOVA for the last couple years. We are so glad that we fled the area and are back in a small southern town. I've been thinking a lot about why I love the south/small town and here are the reasons why...

1. No restrictions on fireworks...we've had M80s going off in our back yard and I love it!
2. I haven't been back to my parents town for the 4th for about 4 years and I was in the parade...haha and I even drove the truck!
3. Lightening Bugs
4. Stars!
5. Riding in the back of my dad's pickup truck
5. No leash law
6. 20 cent hot dogs

I feel so blessed to have been raised where I was and I love the fact the I'm so close to my extended family, I can't get enough of them! Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. :)