Sunday, November 11, 2012

39 wks 4 days...any guesses?!

Here are some much requested belly pictures. They were taken Friday and today. We are so ready to have this baby. Believe me I've been trying everything to induce labor including a nice big tumble in Belk's parking lot yesterday...embarrassing.

I know I'm super behind on blogging. I have to upload pictures of the super cute shower that my friends at work threw me but I'm having technical difficulties with the fancy pants camera my parents lent us to see if we want to purchase one. Hopefully when momma comes (and hopefully this week) she will be able to upload them.

Due date is on Thursday the 15th. Any guesses on when baby boy is going to make his grand entrance? Daddy said yesterday....nope. Mana said today....unless I have a super amazingly short labor than nope. Momma thinks tomorrow and Trev's guess is the 18th oh gosh I should beat him for saying that:)