Saturday, June 25, 2011

Room One Almost Done

So I know it's been a LONG time since I've updated my blog. We moved our things out to TN over Memorial Day weekend then we lived with some of our best friends...bless them...for over three weeks while I finished up my school year. So I did not have much time or really anything special to write about. However, now that I've been in my new house for almost a week I have lots to post about.

The previous owners of the house really did a great job. I don't have to change much of the paint colors besides one of the guest bedrooms, which was their little girls room and it was bright purple and I mean bright. I'm not a huge purple fan to begin with and one of my best friends who LOVES purple came over and when she walked into the room she goes "wow this IS bright." Considering we are going to have lots of guests staying with us I wanted to tackle one of the guest bedrooms first. I got the inspiration from the Dear Lillie blog (it's on my blog roll). I chose a really light mint green for three of the walls and a jade color for the accent wall. My dear mother helped me stencil the's awesome! She also refinished my childhood bedroom suite in an antique white color and we put new hardware on it which happens to be hardware from my grandmother's home in awesome is that!

Well I need your help, so far I LOVE my room but I have NO IDEA what kind of bedding I should go with! I purchased a khaki colored quilt and the accent pillows had some bright pink, and I bought a bright pink lamp it it just looked dull. I definitely want to add an accent color and some great bedding. Will pattern bedding be too busy? I can't go white because it may clash with my antiqued white furniture....and the khaki was just to dull!! Please help!!!