Friday, September 27, 2013

10 Months!

Crew is walking! He started walking one day after his "10 month birthday." His current record is 19 steps in a row. He kind of gets bored walking and realizes that he can get \whatever he wants faster by crawling so then he drops to the floor and spider crawls. Other things he's been up to this month are:

-Maine trip, he loved the beach and loved playing with Uncle Thunder and Aunt E's dogs.
-Did NOT so much love the airplane know it's a bad flight when I handed him to the stranger sitting next to me.
-Still says Mama, and is finally calling Trev Dada and calls Ruger Pupa it's super sweet.
-He is such a sweetie and gives me a kiss every morning with out me even asking, melts my heart.
-He hates putting clothes on and hates diaper changes...typical boy.
-He is always on the move never wants to sit still.
-Does not so much love nursery at church, he is kind of attached to my hip. Even when I walk out of the room at home he has a minor break down, he's a happy boy as long as I'm sitting right next to him.
-He is eating three solid meals a day and nursing three times still.
-Wakes up once a night but I'm totally okay with it, it's extra snuggle time for me since he is so not a snugger during waking hours.
-AND for all of those who ask or wondered...the Mohawk is 100% natural...we are embracing it, it seems to fit his personality just like Dadda :)

Circa: 2006 (this would be the double mohawk, the year before he had a single and dread locks) 

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  1. Hi Sarah! Your little guy is so adorable! I am sorry it has taken me so long to visit your blog! :) I know that Crew is even bigger now!

    I know you are a great mom and wife! You will always be precious to me!