Wednesday, April 17, 2013

4 and 5 month pictures

So it looks like I've turned into a once every two monthish blogger. I tell ya what, staying home with a little one keeps me busy!

We had Crew's four month appointment last month. Boy has he grown! He weighed 17 lbs 10 oz  which puts him in 93rd percentile. For length he was 26 1/4 in long which put him in the 90% percentile.

His fifth month of life has been very eventful. We had our first "sick trip" to the doctor. Poor little one had a 102 fever among other things the doctor said just a virus so no meds were needed. His bottom two teeth broke through and he is now sitting unassisted. WAHOO


  1. XO♥Smooches to our precious Crew Matthias!♥OX

  2. He looks like one happy and healthy little guy!