Tuesday, June 25, 2013

7 Months

Unlike month 6, Crew's 7th month has been rather uneventful. It's been adjusting to me staying home and getting in a routine. We made a trip up to Kentucky to celebrate Elle's birthday and had a couple friends from Michigan visit. Crew went on his first hike and he did a great job besides the fact that we forgot a bottle and he became hungry. So I nursed him in the middle of Abram's Falls trail without a cover...yea I felt super crunchy at that moment...I wont be forgetting a bottle and/or nursing cover any time soon. We also road around Cade's Cove in its entirety, all 11 miles on our bikes. We pulled him in a bike trailer and he did awesome, except Trev pulled him through a puddle without the rain fly on, Crew did not like that so much oh well you learn from your mistakes.

Crew updates
-I was wrong in my last post, Crew still is not crawling. He does a scoot or worm like movement to get from point A to point B. He can get where he pleases but not by crawling. 
-He can go from laying down to sitting up proficiently. I read that this is supposed to come after crawling so maybe Crew just wants to skip crawling in general we will see. 
-He's starting to play shy and when people come up while I'm holding him he puts his head in my chest/shoulder. 
-He has identified the softy between his mama and daddy. He will be playing downstairs with Trev and when I come downstairs he will start whimpering and raise his arms to be held. I honestly can't say that I hate the fact that he wants me to hold him. 
-I let him watch a kid's show for the first time on TV! We don't have cable and I was not feeling well one day in FL and everyone else was at the beach. So I turned on Sesame Street and he loved it, sat there for 20 minutes and actually WATCHED the tv. 
-He likes to be read to and helps me turn the page, then tries to eat the page. 
-Currently he is on a babyfood boycott!! He refuses to eat it, just purses those lips together and looks at me like I'm crazy for thinking he's actually going to eat. He gags at even the smell of bananas, kind of likes avocados, sweet potatoes, peas, and carrots but much prefers just to nurse. He has had some giant throw ups after eating baby food and our pediatrician says he remembers the throw ups and that is why he does not want to eat....sigh. Oh well, he can't nurse forever so I'm not stressing about it yet. 
-Crew Bear loves the pool, it's a nightly ritual. We just walk down the hill in our backyard and plop him in the baby pool. He can touch the bottom of the pool with his float on and walks around the baby pool as proud as a little peacock, he likes the glimmer of independence.

Our monthly chair photo shoots are getting a little more interesting as you will see below. He fell off twice just rolled straight forward and nose dived, don't worry I caught him both times. These 7 month pictures crack me up, they so very much depict his personality. He make look just like me as a baby but he is all Trev when it comes to personality!

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  1. I had to laugh...this last picture of Crew is hilarious. He is such a funny and happy little guy! We love him to pieces! Oma & Grandpa